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“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”

Chinese Proverb

Our Philosophy

The mainstream philosophy about our health in current times is that we seek treatment only when we are sick or suffering from any type of malady. Addressing our health this way is like changing the water in a fish tank when we think the water is already dirty enough, or when the fish are already dying. In doing so, we may have clean water, and a much cleaner fish tank – but only for a short period of time, because we are not addressing the root problem, which is the faulty filter. The essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the philosophy that we strive for here at DoAcupuncture, is that we address both concerns – at the same time. First and foremost, our goal is help you feel better – to bring your body and your health back into it’s homeostasis, and create the opportunity for your body to heal naturally on its own. This is like cleaning the water. Our long term goal is to give you the tools necessary to help maintain and further improve on your health – on your own, through education, natural medicines, and lifestyle modifications. Here at DoAcupuncture, our philosophy about health is to address the root cause of your condition, “to treat the faulty filter,” and “to teach you how to fish” – so that you can attain a state of health and healing that lasts a lifetime. Get started today. Contact us at (585) 484-0228 to set up an appointment.

Jennifer C. Dabu, L.Ac., MTOM, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)

Rochester New York Acupuncturist Jennifer Dab

Jennifer C. Dabu, L.Ac., MTOM, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM) is a Licensed California and New York Board-Certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. She is also a Nationally Board Certified Diplomate in Acupuncture. Jennifer obtained her Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine and graduated Summa Cum Laude at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, California – a full time, four year, post-graduate program. She worked at the Venice Family Chronic Pain Clinic serving homeless and low-income patients. Jennifer has also worked for Steiner Transocean Ltd. where she worked with patients from around the world onboard Celebrity Cruise lines. Jennifer is a Dr. Tan Balance Method practitioner. Since beginning this style of classical acupuncture, she has noticed significant improvements in her patients progress. Even with the first treatment, patients would report between 25%-100% improvement in decrease in symptoms almost immediately. Jennifer specializes in pain management, respiratory and digestive disorders, and weight management. In combination with Jennifer’s background in Electrical Engineering and massage therapy, she uses Traditional Chinese Medicine to calculate the imbalance in a patient to effectively bring their body back to homeostasis. Jennifer started studying acupuncture out of a desire to heal others but to also heal herself. The emotional shock and trauma of her best friend, Elaine Joy, passing away unexpectedly sent her body into a downward spiral. Her menstrual periods became irregular and were accompanied by severe PMS. She could not sleep, was always tired, and had a very sluggish digestion. Also, a few days after Joy’s passing, her skin broke out with acne for the first time.

Jennifer’s first acupuncture treatment turned out to be the deciding factor in her pursuing the study of this powerful ancient medical practice. Jennifer only informed the acupuncturist about her irregular periods, but even after that first treatment Jennifer remembers sleeping through the night for the first time in over fifteen years. By the next day, her digestion regulated. Her red complexion started to calm down and the acne started to clear up. Her energy improved and her mood started to lighten up, and her period came in 30 days with no more PMS. To this day, after that series of 12 successive treatments, Jennifer has not suffered from those conditions again. Through years of studying, receiving acupuncture treatments and taking Chinese Herbs, she has successfully had her headaches, sciatica, neck and shoulder tension, whiplash, sugar cravings, and post nasal drip eliminated. She has seen amazing results personally and for her patients for multiple conditions. If you are ready to see what acupuncture can do for you and are prepared to take back control of your health and life, you too can see those results for yourself. Call us at (585) 484-0228 to schedule your appointment.

Jennifer is a skilled acupuncturist who took the time to understand my condition and history. Her treatments are gentle, painless, and effective. I found my time on the treatment table to be very relaxing and I felt peaceful after my sessions with her.

Marie Yuann

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