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What Tongue Type Are You

Have you ever wondered what acupuncturists are looking for when they are examining your tongue? Check out this great graphic by AcuMedic Ltd that explains some of the basic tongue types and their relationship to Chinese Medicine syndromes! bit.ly/1R02quZ #acupuncture...

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A Great Teacher Has Passed

I found out some sad news today. One of my acupuncture teachers, Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan passed away. He made acupuncture make sense to me with his style of acupuncture, the Dr. Tan Balance Method, and changed my practice in amazing ways. My patients started responding...

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Caffeine Study

Caffeine at Moderate Doses Can Inhibit Acupuncture-Induced Analgesia in a Mouse Model of Postoperative Pain This is an interesting article I read about caffeine inhibiting the pain relieving effects of acupuncture. For both acupuncture practitioners and acupuncture...

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Tabling at the Rochester Airport 5k Run

  Pictures from this weekend at Rochester's Airport 5k Run - and taking pictures with the helicopter and airplanes on the race track. Tabling and giving demonstrations after the race with Dr. Scott of Hartter Chiropractic, Maria (our fabulous massage therapist),...

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