Acupuncture Vlog #3 with Jennifer Dabu – Does Acupuncture Hurt?

As some of you may know, I decided to do a monthly video challenge about acupuncture and my adventures as an acupuncturist in Rochester, New York.

This is the third installment of my vlog series. In this one I speak about the biggest fear of acupuncture – the needles – and does acupuncture hurt? Many people are surprised to see how small an acupuncture needle really is and if they give it a try, the most common response I get is, “That’s it?!” almost in disbelief because they don’t feel the needle.

Watch my video to see some more surprising information about the acupuncture needle here:

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What Tongue Type Are You

Which Tongue Are You?

Have you ever wondered what acupuncturists are looking for when they are examining your tongue?

Check out this great graphic by AcuMedic Ltd that explains some of the basic tongue types and their relationship to Chinese Medicine syndromes!

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A Great Teacher Has Passed

I found out some sad news today. One of my acupuncture teachers, Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan passed away. He made acupuncture make sense to me with his style of acupuncture, the Dr. Tan Balance Method, and changed my practice in amazing ways. My patients started responding to the acupuncture treatments much faster than I had ever seen before, especially for pain and digestive issues.

My favorite story is of a lady who came in for weight loss and who also had a lot of water retention. This was during the time I was working on cruise ships. I was new to the Dr. Tan Balance Method however a friend of mine and a fellow acupuncturist, Grace Chang, told me the “Dr. Tan 8 Magic points” would work. I did the points even though I didn’t understand yet how they worked. The next day the lady came back to tell me she had been “peeing like a race horse!!!” or basically peeing bucketfuls at a time. I never had anyone respond like that before. By day 5 all her water retention and swelling had gone down to the point she could put her wedding ring back on, she lost a few inches around her waist (from the water retention), her food cravings went away, and her digestion improved. That convinced me to take Dr. Tan’s classes when I got back to land and I have been a student of his ever since.

Here’s a picture I could find with my teacher, Dr. Tan. It’s from 2011. Back when my skin was really bad. When I would get treatments from him he would always tell me to drink 1 cup of mung bean soup a day and watermelon juice to detoxify. He used to invite students from his 3-4 days acupuncture seminars to his house on the last day for dinner and to just hang out. He was a great host, great teacher and had a great sense of humor.

Dr. Tan, you will be greatly missed. RIP.


Caffeine Study

Caffeine at Moderate Doses Can Inhibit Acupuncture-Induced Analgesia in a Mouse Model of Postoperative Pain

This is an interesting article I read about caffeine inhibiting the pain relieving effects of acupuncture. For both acupuncture practitioners and acupuncture patients, in those very few cases where acupuncture isn’t helping to relieve pain… maybe a good question to ask is “did you have coffee today?” or “How much caffeine do you drink per day?”

Read about the research here the NIH

Video: Acupuncture Presentation Recording Gone Wrong – by Jennifer Dabu

I’m finally posting the video from a presentation I did on December 9, 2014 for the SouthBay San Diego Leads Club. I was disappointed and sad to see I set up my tripod incorrectly and cut off the top of my head! Most of the time you can see my eyes and sometimes just my nose down. Has anyone else ever done this?

If you can get past the bad video, I go over Chinese medicine, acupuncture and stress. Particularly how stress affects our bodies and how it can manifest as different symptoms like insomnia, neck and shoulder tension, digestive issues, headaches, back aches, eczema, PMS, irritability, etc.

You can watch it on this link or by clicking on the video below.


I also go over some of the main benefits of acupuncture from a Western medicine perspective, for example:
1) Improve the function of your immune system,
2) Signals your body to release endorphins (your body’s natural pain killers)
3) Signals your body to release neurotransmitters (what helps your mind and body relax)
4) Improves circulation

After my talk I do a quick acupuncture demonstration on someone in our group who is having palpitations. Her palpitations go away after a few minutes of having the needles inserted!

The last few minutes I answer a few questions from the group.

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Acupuncture and Stenosis

I had a great start to my xmas eve…

I treated a 75 year old patient this afternoon suffering from back pain that she rated as an 8/10. It was all along her spine from her neck down to her sacrum/sacro-iliac joint. She described the worst pain point (which was alongside her spine on the left side and below her shoulder blade – level with T7) as her “gun shot spot.”

She had it for the past 3 weeks. She tried massage, 3 times a week, and a chiropractor with no relief. She has a history of back pain and stenosis for 25 years. Surgery is out of the question because the stenosis affects her entire spine.

Today was her first time with acupuncture and she decided to try it after a co-worker referred and recommended me to her. She hates the thought of needles and is very sensitive to them. 30 minutes and 10 needles later she reported that her pain was down 50% and that she could feel her “gun shot spot” releasing.