What Tongue Type Are You

Which Tongue Are You?

Have you ever wondered what acupuncturists are looking for when they are examining your tongue?

Check out this great graphic by AcuMedic Ltd that explains some of the basic tongue types and their relationship to Chinese Medicine syndromes! bit.ly/1R02quZ

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Video: Acupuncture Presentation Recording Gone Wrong – by Jennifer Dabu

I’m finally posting the video from a presentation I did on December 9, 2014 for the SouthBay San Diego Leads Club. I was disappointed and sad to see I set up my tripod incorrectly and cut off the top of my head! Most of the time you can see my eyes and sometimes just my nose down. Has anyone else ever done this?

If you can get past the bad video, I go over Chinese medicine, acupuncture and stress. Particularly how stress affects our bodies and how it can manifest as different symptoms like insomnia, neck and shoulder tension, digestive issues, headaches, back aches, eczema, PMS, irritability, etc.

You can watch it on this link https://youtu.be/4plbneiHNXk or by clicking on the video below.


I also go over some of the main benefits of acupuncture from a Western medicine perspective, for example:
1) Improve the function of your immune system,
2) Signals your body to release endorphins (your body’s natural pain killers)
3) Signals your body to release neurotransmitters (what helps your mind and body relax)
4) Improves circulation

After my talk I do a quick acupuncture demonstration on someone in our group who is having palpitations. Her palpitations go away after a few minutes of having the needles inserted!

The last few minutes I answer a few questions from the group.

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My YOR Best Body 8 Week Challenge Testimonial

I was beyond surprised when I got an email congratulating me on getting 3rd place in the Women’s Scult category for the 8week YORbestbody challenge. I definitely wasn’t expecting it. YAY free products that I use and love already!!!

Joining a fitness challenge was not an easy decision for me.  I put it off for a long time.  It took me a year of taking the products before I decided to join the challenge and take that extra step to invest in my health.  I’ve attached a copy of my challenge testimonal below.

Thank you to my friends who supported me through this process!

My 1st YOR Health 8 Week Challenge Before and After Photos3rd Place YOR Health Sculpt Category

If you’re interested in joining the challenge, losing weight and getting fit, please feel free to private message me.




I realized I needed to do the Challenge when I was playing with the scale in my co-workers treatment room. It was one of the older types of scales that you have to balance out the weights on the bar in front of you. Each time I stood on it I thought it must be really old and that it had to be wrong because it was showing that I was 8-9 lbs. / 3.6-4 kg above what I normally weighed! And then one day I took out my electric scale at home and it sadly confirmed that the old scale was right.

I went through a lot of huge life changes over a year ago when I quit my job working at sea on cruise ships as an acupuncturist. Returning to live on land after being away and working abroad for almost 5 years was borderline depressing. Plus, I went through a break-up, all my plans of moving to Miami were halted and I had a difficult time starting my own private acupuncture practice. I never imagined being back in my hometown of San Diego. It was hard trying to fit back in after being gone for about 9 years. I was burnt out, exhausted and would sleep 10-12 hours a day and still feel tired. I fell out of my routine of running and going to the gym.

When I thought of my personal goals for the 8 week Challenge my first priority was to get back to my normal weight. Second, was to fit back into my pants without having to suck in my stomach or having them pinch at me in all the wrong places. It got to the point where yoga pants became my new best friend. Third, was to just feel good again – that would include physically and mentally. Also, I made it a personal goal to cut sugar, especially artificial sweeteners, out of my diet. I have such a sweet tooth and am addicted to chocolate, especially when I am stressed and I found it only fair to follow the same advice I give to my patients.

One of the best things about the challenge was that it forced me to get out of bed and go for a walk, jog or do some weights instead of sleeping through the whole morning. I started to feel productive again, starting my day earlier instead of just feeling like a lazy person sleeping all day.

Cutting out sugar was really hard. After the second week, I didn’t crave it anymore. Now when I’m at a restaurant and my friends are ordering their desserts, I have no desire what so ever to take a bite out it… and that’s a huge deal for me. I think clearer and my mood is definitely better because I know when I am loaded on sugar, after the crash I get really cranky and irritable.

As far as activity, I was already doing 4-5 yoga classes a week. I added walking (and occasional jogging) at the park for 30-45 minutes 3 times a week and I also added doing lightweights and strength training 3 times a week also.

My daily YOR Health routine included taking 2 Super Greens, 1-2 Fiber Plus, 1 Berry Blast, 2-3 Digest Ultra, 2 Probiotics and 2 Repair Ultra. Before the challenge I would sometimes slack on my enzymes, probiotics and repair ultras but I would always take my greens, fiber and berry blast. After starting the Challenge I reminded myself to be consistent with everything and I noticed my digestion improved considerably, especially the bloating, and even my sinuses and allergies cleared up a lot. I have always been consistent with the greens and fiber because they made me regular and cleared up the acne on my face. And the berry blast, it just tastes good and gives me that extra boost.

I was a bit frustrated the first 4-5 weeks of the Challenge because I wasn’t losing weight. Sometimes it felt like I was gaining weight. I also slightly injured my shoulder in yoga, plus I’m sure the withdrawal from the sugar didn’t help. I started to wonder if waking up early to work out was worth it. Midway through the challenge I got really sick for 2 weeks and around week 6 my old sciatica pain came back with a vengeance. It wasn’t until the 5th week that I finally noticed my pants were looser. So I just kept pushing through all the walls that kept rising up around me.

My starting weight was 124 lbs. / 56.34 kg. My goal weight was 120 lbs. / 54.43 kg. And I’m really happy that my final weight ended up being 117 lbs. / 53.07 kg and that I’m back to where I should be. I feel better. I have more energy. I feel fit. I no longer eat or crave sugar and I can fit into my pants again! I have realized that this challenge was the start I needed and only the beginning to getting back to my best body.

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Listening to a Medication Commercial in Disbelief…

I was listening to a commercial for a rheumatoid arthritis (RA) drug.  It went something like this…

“Xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections including tuberculosis. Serious and sometimes fatal infections and cancers have happened in patients taking Xeljanz.  Don’t start taking Xeljanz if you have any kind of infection unless okay with Dr. Tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts, higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened.  Your doctor should perform blood tests including certain liver tests before you start and while you are taking Xeljanz.”

(Here is the link to the video commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7Wh2nmG6TA)

Did I hear that correctly?!  Serious and FATAL infections AND CANCERS and TEARS in the stomach and intestines have happened in patients taking this medication.    If I had RA, I personally wouldn’t take the risk of getting these types of serious side effects.  It’s scary to read the side effects of this drug and many of the other drugs out there.  I can’t tell you how many times I had a patient come in to treat some condition that was a side effect of a prescribed drug they were taking.  I see this especially with statin drugs used for cholesterol.  Unfortunately sometimes, those side effects are too far gone and irreversible.

My thoughts… read up on the medications you are taking, especially the side effects and their “Number needed to Treat” or NNT.  NNT, something I learned about recently, is the number associated with a drug that tells you it’s effectiveness.

Ideally the NNT is 1, which means for every 1 person that takes the drug, 1 person is likely to get better.  That is great odds. I remember hearing in a class, so don’t quote me on this as I didn’t write it down, that most antibiotics have an NNT of 1.1- which is good.  If NNT is 5 however, it means that for every 5 people that take the drug, 1 person of that 5 is likely to get better.

Statin drugs, according to this review –  click here – NNT is 20.  20!!!  1 person in 20 will feel the benefits.  I’ve read in other articles NNT goes anywhere from 60-300 for statins.

Look on page 5 of this link:


Although there is no NNT for xeljanz yet, according to this report, look at some of the other RA drugs.  NNT is anywhere from 3-7.  So, if I take Actemra, a common one I hear my patients are taking, I have a 1 in 4 chance that it will help my RA.  Those are not the kind of chances I would want to take with drugs that have serious side effects.

I am lucky and grateful to know about traditional Chinese medicine.  I would get acupuncture and take Chinese herbs, which have been around for thousands of years, and are shown to be effective and safe.  I’ve treated many patients with RA and have had great success with both acupuncture and Chinese herbs and on top of their pain going away, many times it stays away for years after treatments and herbs.  That sounds a lot better to me, wouldn’t you agree?

If you are suffering from RA or any other type of arthritis or pain, consider acupuncture for natural pain relief.   Contact us for an appointment.

Statin Drugs Shown to Cause Neuropathy

I’ve found time and time again that many patients who develop neuropathy noticed the symptoms began around the time they started taking statin drugs. I’ve been able to help many patients get rid of their neuropathy with acupuncture. I’ve found though that the longer they’ve had it, the harder it is to get rid of. Know the side effects of the drugs you are taking!

Here are links to two articles describing the side effects of statin drugs.




Success Story for Low Blood Glucose Levels

I received a call today from a female patient.  She was really excited.  She informed me that she took a blood test on July 12, 2011 and she tested negative for diabetes – a condition which is becoming rampant in her family.

My patient has suffered from low blood glucose levels or hypoglycemia for 20 plus years.  She would have severe shaking and trembling, occasionally  after waking up or anytime she had not eaten within a few hours or if she ate too much rice, pasta or sugar.  One day we were talking and she mentioned that she had hypoglycemia.  She has been a long time supporter of my practice in Chinese medicine and acupuncture.  My natural reaction was to prescribe her something.  I gave her instructions on a natural food remedy that I learned from one of my teachers, Dr. Richard Tan.

She began taking the prescription religiously.  In just over a week she took her blood test and received the great news.  On top of that, her symptoms have decreased dramatically.  She no longer gets the shakes and trembling and she feels much better.

I find it amazing how changing little things in our diet can drastically improve our health an well-being.  I am grateful that traditional Chinese medicine incorporates nutritional therapy to optimize our treatments of acupuncture and Chinese herbs and to maximize our overall health and well-being.

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